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Germplasm Information System

Germplasm Information System is developed for R & D work for storing data of  different characteristics and to develop a user-friendly system to retrieve the information. It focuses on the rapid and efficient retrieval of accurate information as per the requirement of end users. The solution to the problem of information retrieval will allow user to view the all possible information on any germplasm or combination of germplasm based upon the  given conditions. The interface demands the user to select the particular attribute type of the germplasm and make a conditional statement to search for, in a database. This condition statement can then further be used with OR, AND, and so on which finally seems a search engine for the whole database. This system has provision for expansion to include more characteristics and germplasm accessions the way requires in future.

. Designed & developed by Dr. Savita Kolhe, Pr. Scientist(Computer Applications)